The Start of a New Year at Yeungnam University
The Start of a New Year at Yeungnam University
  • Jeong Yu-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.03 13:06
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A greeting and launch declaration of the student council (Provided by YouTube)
A greeting and launch declaration of the student council (Provided by YouTube)

 The welcoming freshman party and the student council launching ceremony were held on March 24 at the Chunma Art Center Grand Hall of Yeungnam University. Last year, students could not enjoy various events held at school due to COVID-19 and many students disappointed that they could not participate in events, but this year, students came to the campus and attended the academic ceremony. For the ceremonies, 128 students were chosen on a first-come basis through Google Form link, and the event was held following social distancing rules. Those who couldn’t participate in the face-to-face ceremony could watch real-time streaming on YouTube channels.

 Starting with the congratulatory address from the Gyeongbuk superintendent of education, various events were held, including a congratulatory video by singer Lee Chan-won, a YU graduate, an introduction of the Central Steering Committee, a greeting and launch declaration of the student council, and celebration performances by Punch and Lee Young-ji. In addition, interviews in the corner of the hall and a live quiz show allowed students who could not attend the ceremony to participate actively.

 A student who participated in the event said, “I was afraid to contact many people because COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared yet, but I was happy to be able to participate in the school event face-to-face.” Another student said, “It was nice to feel like I was starting a new year vigorously.” In addition, many students hope to participate in almost every school event with their friends as soon as COVID-19 disappears.

 Still, students who did not attend the welcoming party and launching ceremony can watch the full video on YouTube. If you are interested in the upcoming 2021 academic performance schedules of Yeungnam University, refer to the website of Chunma Art Center ( You can have opportunities to participate in various YU events.

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