Coronavirus Depression
Coronavirus Depression
  • Lim Hyo-been
  • 승인 2021.02.16 10:12
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  After the COVID-19 outbreak of, it is easy to find people around us feeling lethargic or stressed. According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, the number of people using telephone counseling services related to COVID-19 averaged 16,457 per month, up 78.6 percent from last year. As COVID-19 causes significant changes in our daily lives, we can easily feel depressed or lethargic. These symptoms point to a form of depression that is being called the “corona blues.”

  There are various reasons for experiencing the corona blues. Economic reasons top the list. Because of the nature of the droplet infections, social distancing is recommended. So many shops are closed, and many people cannot go to work and even lose their jobs. This has dealt a direct blow to real life, and there have been cases of attempted suicide by people who are unable to withstand these difficulties.

  Another cause is related to confirmed cases. People who are confirmed with COVID-19 are depressed because they stay in their hospital room all day long. Moreover, despite being declared completely cured of COVID-19, they are not easily able to meet people, and shrink even when they talk.

  There are also various other reasons, such as the constant outpouring of negative news or information related to COVID-19, and the uncertainty of when it will end. Medical staff also suffer severe corona blues symptoms. In a survey of medical staff, 30 percent said they were mentally exhausted due to an excessive psychological burden.

  Recently, more and more people in their 20s feel the corona blues. A survey of people in their 20s conducted on a part-time portal site showed that 70 percent suffer from COVID-19-related depression. For that reason, 57 percent were afraid that they could not know when it might end, followed by 35.5 percent who were anxious about job losses.

  The corona blues are expected to grow until COVID-19 is finished. Various ways to overcome this form of depression are emerging. People try to overcome through hobbies such as walking in front of the house and cooking food, or light exercise. The government also said they would increase the number of counseling staff rate of calls has soared. If anyone around you is having a hard time with COVID-19, it is better to ask how often they feel difficulties and tell them how to get psychological help.

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