COVID-19 Affects Student Learning
COVID-19 Affects Student Learning
  • Kim Eun-ji
  • 승인 2021.02.14 17:47
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   In 2020, non-face-to-face classes are continuing due to the spread of COVID-19. This is causing various problems with student learning delays. Unlike in face-to-face classes, there is a difference in student learning levels. They lag in learning, and there are many examples.
  First, there is a difference in the amount of study. In face-to-face classes, students do research or study for group projects or individual presentations, while in non-face-to-face classes, they do not study as such.
Second, there is a difference in concentration. As students take classes using electronic devices, they get relatively distracted. In particular, classes such as watching uploaded recordings rather than real-time classes have significantly low concentration and acceptance of content.
  Third, there is a lack of feedback between professors and students. In face-to-face classes, students can communicate actively with each other, ask questions, and get feedback right away. However, they are not allowed to face each other as they are taught in online classes, so the affection between professors and students is not the same as before. In addition, non-face-to-face classes cannot give non-verbal information.
  Finally, there are some cases where sound and image quality are not suitable due to the lack of proper equipment. When the professor’s and students’ voices are mixed, it can become confusing and delayed. Problems such as instability of servers of online lecture programs, and lack of experiences have also emerged. Without proper system construction or providing training about online lectures, the school has notified professors to teach online, making things difficult for professors who are generally vulnerable using electronic devices or the Internet.
  Development of various forms of education, and proper platform configuration for online feedback is needed. In line with the digital age, we must continue to improve new ways to access education and interaction between professors and students.



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