Students Who Are Not Protected by Preventive Measures
Students Who Are Not Protected by Preventive Measures
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.02.14 17:36
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Wheelchair in front of the QR code poster.(Photo by Choi Seon-uk)
Wheelchair in front of the QR code poster.(Photo by Choi Seon-uk)

  Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing and personal hygiene management have become very important. Yeungnam University is making various efforts to prevent infections during face-to-face lectures. Temperature checking with a non-contact thermometer and hand sanitizing are being carried out at entrances for all students. QR code scanners are placed in each building to identify student movement. While rigorous measures are being taken, they are all designed for the eyes of people without impairment.

  QR codes used for convenience can be difficult for students with visual impairment to use. Papers that have QR codes are posted on walls without any guidance, so they cannot find the posts. Even if they know the location of the post and scan the codes, it is hard to check whether the codes are read. Students who use wheelchairs can also have trouble using QR codes. Posts are attached to high places, so they need to reach up to scan the codes. Sometimes the scan posters are only located inside the building, so they have some problems to use the codes in the absence of ramps.

  Other preventive measures are also convenient for only students without impairment. The location of hand sanitizers on campus may be an obstacle. As a student is sitting in a wheelchair, the hand sanitizer is placed on a shelf or handrail that can only be reached by extending their hands. This is a very dangerous situation because the contents of the hand sanitizer can splatter into the eyes and cause corneal burns. Antibacterial films attached to elevators on campus to prevent infection are also causing discomfort. Since the film blocks braille, it is hard for visually impaired students to distinguish buttons.

  According to the YU Support Center for Disabled Students, no specific measures are prepared for students with impairments yet. It is time to consider some measures as soon as possible to prevent dangerous accidents.



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