Romantic Story in the Mask, The Phantom of the Opera
Romantic Story in the Mask, The Phantom of the Opera
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2020.09.15 13:04
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  The world tour of the musical The Phantom of The Opera has started performing in Daegu from August 19 to September 6 at Keimyung Art Center. A preview performance was held on August 18, and  reporter Bang for The Observer went to the scene.

  Rigorous measures were being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Temperature checking with a non-contact thermometer and hand sanitizing were being carried out at the entrance for all visitors. Outside of the concert hall, there was an isolation space for people with fevers or respiratory symptoms. It was forbidden to enter without wearing a facial mask. In the ticket office and souvenir shop, the floor was marked to maintain safe distances.

  According to concert officials, both the stage hall and backstage were regularly disinfected. They said that there is a definite space separation between the actors and the audience to prevent contact with each other. They also highlighted personal hygiene by posting COVID-19 guidelines on kiosks.

  Audience members should fill out a mobile self-questionnaire before entering the concert hall. Paper self-questionnaires were also placed for those unfamiliar with smart devices. Audience members can enter the concert hall only if they have their questionnaire responses along with the tickets.

  Jonathan Roxmouth playing The Phantom said, “I know you have been waiting for seven years, and it has been a long time since last December’s Busan performance. I want to return the support we received to the Daegu audience, which must have had a hard time. I hope our performance will be comforting and hopeful.” Claire Lyon plays Christine Daae and Matt Leisy plays Raoul.

  The cast’s passionate acting and artistic stage production combined to create a fantastic stage. It’s a pity that the performance ended early. If you have a chance, watch this The Phantom of The Opera performance. You’ll be moved by the beautiful music and romantic love story of the mask.

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