Let’s Overcome with the Nation
Let’s Overcome with the Nation
  • Lee Min-ook
  • 승인 2020.09.15 12:49
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  On July 28, the Korean government Cabinet meeting deliberated and voted to enact the Enforcement Decree of the Basic Act for Youth, which was implemented in earnest from August 5. At the meeting, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said that the government will support young people to overcome the current crisis and grow their dreams through the basic framework of the Youth Basic Law.


  The Framework Act for Youths sets out the categories of youth and specifies matters concerning the rights and responsibilities of youth, the establishment of youth policies, coordination, and youth support. According to Article 3 of the Framework Act for Youth, “youth” refers to people aged 19 to 34 years old, and it is stated that if the age for young people is applied differently in statutes and ordinances, they can follow suit. Article 8 states that the prime minister should establish and implement a basic plan for youth policy every five years.


  In addition to the matters mentioned above, a Youth Day was designated by Presidential Decree under Article 7. The government sets the third Saturday of September as Youth Day every year, and the state and local governments will hold various events. This year, an event is planned at Yeouido Park in Seoul on Saturday, September 12.


  The Youth Basic Law guarantees youth participation in policies such as jobs, housing, education, and life, and stipulates that the government and local governments are responsible for supporting youth. In other words, it is meaningful for young people in that they have provided a systematic and comprehensive support basis for improving the quality of life of young people. Since the bill provides a basis for young people to participate in and improve their youth policy processes, they can urge the government to take countermeasures against the difficulties facing young people in the future.


  President Moon Jae-in said on Facebook that Youth Policy can be made properly only if young people become the main body, and called for many young people to participate in the Youth Policy Coordination Committee, a policy control tower established under the Youth Basic Law. The government established an enforcement ordinance and a committee in July and plans to establish a basic plan by November this year.

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