We Don’t Want These Houses
We Don’t Want These Houses
  • Lim Hyo-been
  • 승인 2020.09.15 11:59
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Aerial view of the Happy Houses in Daegu.(Provided by Korea Ministry of Land)
Aerial view of the Happy Houses in Daegu.(Provided by Korea Ministry of Land)

 How much does it cost a month to live? The cost of rent for college students is about 700,000 won to 1,000,000 won, and it is a necessary expense. Total cost of living includes monthly rent, maintenance fee, food, transportation costs, and incidentals. What about young people who work? Since they have a fixed income, it will be more stable than college students. However, half of their average salary is spent on living expenses.

 To solve these problems, the government has implemented housing supply policies for college students and young people. First, there are “Happy Houses,” which are low-cost public rental units built near schools or workplaces, or in a place where public transportation is convenient. In addition, there are LH National Public Housing that the government purchases and subleases cheaply to youth.

 However, although there are several ways to solve the youth housing problem, they do not seem to be all that good.

 First of all, housing management for residents is insufficient. Residents have to manage the house for themselves without the help of resident management personnel of the operating institution. In the case of a happy house in Gimpo, the bathroom was dirty and rusty, and the wallpaper was also poorly managed. In addition, the entire hall is dark, and the sound of phone calls and footsteps is heard due to poor soundproofing. No one has lived there for two years, so the house has not been managed for two years.

 Another problem is the high maintenance fees such as electric and water bills, and so on. It is a merit that the deposit and monthly rent or lease are low for the youth houses, but most of the houses tend to charge an extra fee for maintenance. As a result, compared to general rental housing, there is not much difference in terms of cost.

 Thirdly, there are still places where the monthly rent is not cheap. Moreover, in some cases, asking for information about youth houses at real estate agencies, you cannot understand the explanation properly because the procedure is complicated. For these reasons, 90 percent of the people who won a youth house gave up moving in.

 Last year, a new type of youth house opened. Compared to the existing youth housing, it operates safely and systematically. However, it seems necessary to solve the problems of existing youth houses first.


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