COVID-19 Effect on YU Class
COVID-19 Effect on YU Class
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 YU switched to online lectures in the first semester of 2020. After confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased rapidly in Daegu, the school initially postponed beginning by two weeks to March 16. However, the situation was not relieved, so YU repeatedly delayed face-to-face lectures and finally made all the lectures for the semester available online on April 21. As the first semester converted to online lectures, the school schedule changed. The midterm exam was from May 6 to 12, and the final exam is from June 22 to 26. With the principle of non-face-to-face, exams were given, such as online tests and submitting assignments. The grades are determined by absolute evaluation, and the student council requested an easing of the criteria for evaluation.


 Most school facilities are not available. Classrooms for experiments or practice have been partially opened. In the case of the library, it was closed continuously, but it was partially opened from May 13. Except for weekends and holidays, the Central Library, Science Library, and Law Library are partially available. The Observer looked into the student responses concerning the conversion to online lectures. Through a survey, 54.5 percent answered “normal” to ‘Are you satisfied with online lectures?’ Subsequently, 27.3 percent answered “satisfied” and 11.4 percent “unsatisfied.” The biggest reason for being satisfied with online lectures was that they could take it at the time they want and repeat the lecture several times. On the other hand, the main reason for dissatisfaction was “the waste of tuition fees.” Also, the quality of the lecture was poor, and the concentration was less than in face-to-face lectures. Some were satisfied with online lectures because they don’t have to go to school, and some were dissatisfied because they don’t go to school.

 If students went to school, what do they want to do? Students want to meet their colleaguesand make friends the most. In addition, they want MT, festivals, going to the library, club activities, eating school meals, and meeting professors. Most students don’t want online lectures next semester. Poor lecture quality was the biggest problem; following that, it’s a waste of tuition. Some students want online lectures next semester because COVID-19 is unlikely to end. One student also agreed to online lectures because of self-improvement time or confidence.

 The Observer interviewed Lee Jong-wan, a professor of the Department of Business Administration, and Gong Joo-eun, a lecturer in the Department of Korean Literature. Both of them conduct lectures by recording. When recording, Professor Lee becomes slow in
speaking because he has to use official language and cares about noise. He feels some difficulties that online classes can’t provide everything in the case of practical subjects like capstone design and industry-academic link subjects like the industry-academic track, which requires team discussion or is taught by company executives and employees. Lecturer Gong has a lot of obstacles in that she needs constant feedback with students and to check students’ responses, but she can’t online. On the other hand, she thinks it’s positive that she can check classes on her own and plan classes in new ways that haven’t been used before.


 Then, they said something to the students taking the continuous online class. Professor Lee Jong-wan said, “No one can control the current situation, so we should accept this situation positively. This season can be a good chance to have an intensive reading with subject textbooks. Because we cannot get a great score in public corporation major tests or conglomerate job aptitude tests by just learning from lecture materials. This COVID-19 situation can be a good chance to learn major subjects extensively.” Lecturer Gong Joo-eun said, “I know you have a hard time taking classes in unexpected ways because of the unprecedented situation of COVID-19. Please let me know if there is any inconvenience or if there is something you want to change. It’s a tough situation, but let’s stick together and getthrough it.”


 As the lectures convert to online classes, both students and professors are experiencing their own difficulties. Therefore, professors and students should understand each other and work together to overcome this situation.

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