Filipino’s Leisurely Lifestyle Brings Happiness
Filipino’s Leisurely Lifestyle Brings Happiness
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 For Koreans, one of the biggest features of Filipinos can be their sense of a leisurely or unhurried lifestyle. It seems that the hot weather and the beautiful natural environment surrounded by the sea of the Philippines has made Filipinos optimists and persons of leisure. They seem to enjoy life, and keeping a smiling face seems to be another important way of life. As you walk down the street, you can see people dancing with joy on the street, even on weekdays. Merchants, passersby, and children on the street seem to enjoy the atmosphere of freedom. This mindset allows them to adapt well to their environment and live happy lives in their own way.


 But their composure and unhurriedness can sometimes cause inconveniences for tourists traveling in the Philippines. We’ve experienced this in Cebu, Philippines. In the last day of our trip, we were running late, so we had to hurry to the airport by taxi. On the way to the airport, the taxi driver felt hungry and asked me if it was okay to drive slowly while eating his food. Perhaps because we were used to Korea's fast taxis, we were embarrassed and asked him to hurry. Nevertheless, the taxi drove too slowly. Our second experience with the relaxed Filipino lifestyle was when I visited a famous seafood restaurant with my friends. We were angry because we hadn’t gotten our food after waiting more than an hour for our order.


 But when we looked around, the locals who had also been waiting for their food for a long time seemed to be used to this situation. They were enjoying the time with their family and friends instead of stressing about a long wait time like we were. At that time, I realized that living a fast life in modern society is good sometimes, but living a slower and more relaxed lifestyle like the Filipinos might help us find true happiness in life.

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