For Whom Is the Lecturer’s Law Implemented?
For Whom Is the Lecturer’s Law Implemented?
  • Kang Sin-hyung
  • 승인 2019.11.26 18:17
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The Right to Learn

 There were some problems for students to sign up for courses after the part-time lecturer law was enforced. As university eliminated classes taught by lecturers or gave them to full time professors, which consequently caused unemployment of many lecturers(over the half of lecturers hired in 2018 were fired), students couldn’t get any information from course syllabuses before their enrollment. University couldn’t assign classes which used to be taught by lecturers before they were not hired. Some students can feel the situation as the infringement of students’ rights.

 To look into what they know and how they think about the part-time lecturer law, The Yeungnam Observer questioned 150 students at YU. According to the survey, many students seem not to know the law enough. Only 12% of the respondents said ‘Yes’ to the question, “Have you ever heard about part-time lecturer law?”, and almost 9% to “Do you feel the differences in term of the right learn this semester compared to last semester?” People who checked yes more than once to the statement, “Check all of the examples that you experienced during the enrollment time.” which indicates the situations of the part-time lecturer law at YU was about 82%. Some students stressed about their diminished options of lectures. The results suggests that although students feel inconvenience from the implementation of the law, many students haven’t known the correlation between the law and their right to learn.

 Though YU students experienced some difficulties in enrollment at the beginning of this semester, The student council of YU doesn’t take any reactions for this situation. Kwon Oh-geun, Chairman of Yeungnam University Branch of Korean Irregular Professor Union, said that “We have managed to solve this problem with student council, but they seemed not to discuss it at all. Although we explained that there was an influence of the law to students, they were no interested in the problem. The student council, I think, should do something for the protection of the right of students, and obviously, the right for learning of the students is largely related to the lecturers. Therefore, the student council should pay attention to the problem of lecturers who have made most of the liberal arts, because this problem is directly connected to the students’ curriculum and environment of the education. However, they don’t say anything about it which is very disappointing.” In the article in 352 issue of The Observer, the student council said, “We’ll focus on ‘communication’ with YU students. Having regular meetings with students for school issues could be a good example.” But they are not interested in our problem.”

 Historically, university students have participated in many social and political issues on campus and outside campus. They have paid attention to their society, and have took part in social movements, and consequently, acquired some justice and their rights. Now, we have a big issue in front of us, and we have to be interested in the part-time lecturer law for the future of university and its members.



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