Time to Revise the Shuttle Bus System
Time to Revise the Shuttle Bus System
  • Kim Eun-ji
  • 승인 2019.10.08 18:55
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 Many students use the school shuttle bus. There are a lot of students who have difficulty commuting to and from school because their houses are far from the university that they are attending. So the university operates school shuttle busses for the students’ convenience. However, there are many problems related to it, so the students who use the busses hope the service can be improved as soon as possible. 

 First of all, the bus has a limited schedule. Students who are in areas where the bus only come once in the morning complain that it is too inconvenient for them to use it. If they miss that one bus, there isn’t another one. There are a lot of other problems, too. For example, if you have a class at 9 a.m., you have to take the 7 a.m. because it is the only one. Then, when you arrive at school around 8 a.m., there is nothing special to do before your class starts. Many students think this is wasted time for them.  

 Second, there are usually enough seats available on the bus from home to school in the morning. But there are not enough seats on the bus to go home from school at night, especially during the exam time, when students study late at night in the school library. Students wait in a line for the shuttle bus to go home, but not all of them can get on because there aren’t enough seats. In order to get a seat, students start lining up way before the bus arrives. Again, this is a waste of time and inconvenient. The number of return busses needs to be increased. If it’s too difficult to increase this number throughout the semester, it should at least be considered during exam periods. 

 Finally, we need some systematic methods for the school shuttle bus. At other universities, students use a school shuttle bus app. The app provides a system to reserve a bus seat the day of and the day before. This way students can have a reserved seat and not have to worry about not getting a seat. In conclusion, it’s time to think about adopting a similar system to our university’s shuttle busses. The shuttle bus needs to be improved so that more students can use it without any complaints. The school also needs to respond quickly to address the students’ concerns. 

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