A ‘Creator’ Who Loves Her Life
A ‘Creator’ Who Loves Her Life
  • Lim Hyo-been / Kim Yu-jin
  • 승인 2019.05.30 20:00
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 Please introduce yourself and your channel.
 Hello. My name is Kim Jin-seo. I’m studying in the Department of English Language and Literature at Yeungnam University. My YouTube channel’s name is ‘Jin-seo Baby.’ The name comes from my friends saying that I’m like a baby. My channel mostly deals with my daily life and eating foods that I cook.

 How did you get started on YouTube?
 When I started YouTube, I had always been interested in making videos, more so than taking pictures. So, I wanted to share my daily life through videos. My friends seemed to react well to my videos, so I decided to upload them on YouTube.

 What are the hardest things about operating your channel?
 One of the hardest things is filming. I have to hold the camera up constantly, which becomes tiring. Also, the amount of videos I’m able to upload is limited, so that can be difficult. Another thing that’s difficult is I often feel sorry that my friends are in my videos – whether they want to be or not. Since it’s not their channel or their thing to have a vlog, maybe they don’t always want to be on camera, but my videos focus on my daily life. I always try to be mindful of that for them.

 How did you learn how to film videos?
 I learned how to use filming equipment by watching other YouTube videos that teach people how to film and use camera equipment etc. I also am doing a minor in the Media Information department, so I learned a lot of techniques and logistics there. Now I still make all the videos by myself. It takes about a day or two to complete one video.

 Can you give us any tips for filming?
 My tips for making more effective videos are to edit the music faster and use music to suit the mood of the video. Also, I like to emphasize visual style, so I’ve found that helpful.
I also make a lot of food videos. I like to film the food up close, turn the volume up, and increase the redness.

 Who is your role-model as a creator?
 My role-model is Jang Beom-june, a Korean singer. He has a daily vlog channel on YouTube. His channel focuses on his music and his daily life. I’m interested in music too, so I’d love to upload music as well. Another role-model creator for me is ‘Rearnup.’ His visual style is so good, which I think is one of the most important things.

 What kind of videos do you want to upload in the future?
 I want to upload videos about eating spicy food. I can’t eat really spicy food, so I think it’ll be funny for viewers to see me eating super spicy food. And, as I said before, I like to play music. I can play the drums, guitar, and ukulele. So, I’d like to upload videos about music or even a music ensemble video.

 Please tell us about your dream.
 My dream is to be a journalist, so I’m part of the media team here at YU. Ideally, I’d like to gain recognition and learn as many things as possible to become a good journalist. If I can get the qualifications, I want to be a YouTuber and a journalist at the same time if possible.

 Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to add?
 My friends always allowed me to film them and they always say yes when I ask them to be in my videos. For that, I want to say thank you to them for always helping me. It makes me happy that they appreciate my videos and praise them for being well done and funny.
Also, I’d like to cheer on anyone who is a beginner or who is thinking about starting their own channel. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to the world. Have courage and do what you want for your own videos.

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