It’s a Wide World, Enjoy Your Life!
It’s a Wide World, Enjoy Your Life!
  • Kim Min-gyu / Kim Eun-ji
  • 승인 2019.05.30 19:55
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Please tell us your name, major, and the name of your channel.
 Hello I am Kim Jin-soo, a graduate of Yeungnam University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The name of the YouTube channel that I run is JSK. The name of my channel is the initials of my name, JSK. I would like you to visit my channel at least once if you read this article.

 What made you start uploading videos on YouTube?
 At first, I started uploading videos that I made while traveling with my girlfriend just to store them. At the time, I didn’t have any idea of becoming a YouTuber. But soon I found myself having fun and enjoying uploading the videos on YouTube, so I decided to become a YouTuber. Now I’m very passionate about my channel and my videos. I’m really surprised at this change in myself.

 Are there any difficulties in producing the videos? And if so, what?
 As a YouTuber, finding good material for videos is a great challenge. Coming up with unique ideas is really hard and complex. And I’m having a hard time because I have limited resources, like time and money. I can’t spend too much time on making videos since I’m not a full-time YouTuber. I also can’t afford to invest too much money in producing the videos.

 Are there any special considerations when you make a video?
 I’m super careful not to film people on the screen with my camera because it could be a violation of portrait rights. I work on editing videos so that my friends and acquaintances also don’t have any unwanted negative effects. So sometimes the editing process is slow and tedious because I need to invest quite a lot of time.

 Did you do anything to improve the quality of your videos for YouTube?
 At first, I used a laptop that I’d had for about four years, but the performance was pretty bad, so I spent a lot of money to buy a new computer. I also increased my editing time from 1~2 hours to sometimes all day long. I also upgraded my camera to a better model.

 So far, the main content of your videos has been about your life at university. Now that you’ve graduated, your status changed from student to job applicant. So, do you have any new video content in mind?
 I like walking around. So, I want to make videos that show different parts of different neighborhoods. Also, I want to take videos that review services or apps that I usually use. Since it’s a hobby, I think it’s not easy to spend a lot of time making videos because I spend the majority of my time looking for a job.

 When do you feel most rewarded as a YouTuber?
 I’m happy when a video that I worked hard on seems to benefit a lot of viewers. Also, I like if my video gets a lot of comments asking questions. It makes me happy that I can answer those questions directly and be helpful to people.

 Do you have any goals you want to achieve as a creator? 
 I want more people to watch my videos. And my goal is to get 100,000 subscribers. Lastly, I want to tell YU students that it’s good for you to have various experiences and broaden your horizons, not focus too much on just school. I think it will be better for your future.

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