What Do You Do between Classes?
What Do You Do between Classes?
  • Lim Hyo-been
  • 승인 2019.05.30 19:44
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 Yeungnam University students do many things during the breaks between classes. We wanted to see if students feel the time is too long and what they do during that time. We carried out the survey for nine days from 19 April to 27 April and asked three questions. Look at the following charts.


 Look at the first chart. The first question is ‘Do you feel bored between classes?’ 84 students said ‘yes,’ 179 said ‘no,’ which is almost twice as many. Most students feel the time between classes is not too short.

 Next, look at the second chart. The second question is ‘What do you do during the break?’ There are five possibilities: spending time on campus, going to the library, going home or to the dorms, going to the student rooms or club rooms, and other. 85 students answered “spending time on campus,” 74 answered “going to the library”, 72 said “going home or to the dorms,” 68 said “going to the student or club rooms,” and the last two had other opinions. Of the five possibilities, four of them had similar outcomes of amounts polled, but the highest was “spending time on campus.” The two “other” or “etc.” opinions were smoking or hanging out with friends. Smoking was especially popular.

 The last question is ‘What would you most like to do between classes?’ Using a massage chair and having a foot massage were popular answers.

About 250 YU students participated in the survey. Through this survey, we can find out more about what students do during breaks and what they want to do. Perhaps if more students expressed their desire to get massage chairs on campus, students’ quality of life would get much better.

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