The Dark Side of the Festival
The Dark Side of the Festival
  • Kim Yu-jin
  • 승인 2019.05.30 19:35
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 YU has many festivals and attractions. Every year, people visit YU campus to enjoy them. When it’s cherry blossom season – from the end of March to the beginning of April – YU is full of people. On the weekends, campus is more crowded with people and cars. Also, YU Festivals are famous. The huge scale and a lively atmosphere entice people to come. The more people come to the festivals, the more we can enjoy them. It's good for YU too. However, because of all the people, YU students sometimes feel inconvenienced. We agree that having more people can make the event more enjoyable, but visitors use our building’s facility and throw trash everywhere. Most of all, they make noise in the library: they chatter or eat while students are trying to study. Because the library is one of the places on campus where students can study freely, they want to make sure it’s a quiet place to study. So, on Every Time, an online social network, students complain about visitors, who don’t respect the students’ study spaces, and whose behaviors make YU dirty and noisy. Additionally, trash and litter is also a serious problem. Some students dump their trash on the library’s desks or in the bathroom where it are no bins. Library users have suffered continuously from this problem. Now, if visitors do the same, the situation might be worse. So, a lot of students claim that access to the library should be allowed only for our students.

 Cherry blossom season is during midterm exams, so students become more sensitive. They study in the library and might think people who visit campus and use our facilities are intruders. The big problem is that if students keep feeling irritated and annoyed by visitors, there could be a conflict. But, because cherry blossom season comes every year, we should think of a way to resolve these problems.

 To make a happy and healthy YU, we should try to ask people to stop littering during festivals. Also, if we make big posters in the front of the festival, visitors could realize the severity of the problem and be more careful with their actions. If we show everyone how much pride we take in our own campus, and how clean we keep it, they will be more likely to imitate our behavior. We have to take the initiative and set an example.

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