Attractive Spots on Campus
Attractive Spots on Campus
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Health Care Service Center
The blue circle is the Health Care Service Center, and the yellow circle is the ‘Geoul Mot,’ and the red circle is the ‘Love Road.’
The blue circle is the Health Care Service Center, and the yellow circle is the ‘Geoul Mot,’ and the red circle is the ‘Love Road.’

 The Yeungnam University Health Care Service Center is located on the 1st floor of the Student Support Center on campus. The hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. It started as a Health Room in 1967 and was promoted to a Health Center in 1975. It was changed to a Health Clinic in 1984. At last, it was renamed as a Health Care Service Center in 2007 and has been taking care of health care for students and faculty members.

 If you pay a fee each semester through the health deduction system established in 1983, the Health Care Service Center provides low cost or nearly free medical services. Various medical institutions located in Gyeongsan City have been chosen as designated medical institutions that offer medical services not only during school hours but also after school. These services are available to all teachers and students of Yeungnam University. Health deduction members will receive free medical treatment and medicine, and non-members must pay 2,000 won for medical treatment.

 The Health Care Service Center offers students various programs such as health examinations, vaccinations and non-smoking clinics. Among them, the health examination is supported once a year for health deduction members in order to ensure early detection and treatment for the health of students at YU. It is held every April and detailed schedules are published through each media on campus. This free checkup is given only to undergraduate and graduate students who are health deduction members. A deducted membership card issued on or after April 1 is required for the health examination. The checkups include hepatitis B test, liver function test, urine test, and internal medicine examination.

 You can get a lot of vaccinations, too. For example, there are vaccinations against hepatitis B, cervical cancer, pneumonia and flu. The cost of these vaccinations will vary every year depending on the price of the vaccine every year.

 Further details can be found on the YU Health Care Service Center website.

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