51st Student Council: We’ll be there for YU Students
51st Student Council: We’ll be there for YU Students
  • Kim Bo-ra/Ra Yun-seo
  • 승인 2019.04.04 18:53
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 On 21 February 2019, The Yeungnam Newspaper, The Observer and UBS had a meeting with the 51st Student Council. As they have to lead the entire student body at YU in 2019, we asked how they plan to fulfill their election pledges. Last year, there were some activities implemented to meet many of the student demands, including problems of the school cafeteria or smoking areas on campus. Therefore, we asked some questions to see if they are continuing to try to meet the students’ demands.

 What will you focus on this year compared to last year?
 We’ll focus on ‘communication’ with YU students. Having casual meetings regularly to have conversations about school issues with students could be a good example. Also, we want to interact with them in various ways, such as publishing newsletters if we can.

 What should be improved in our university?
 We think that YU doesn’t have enough space or opportunities for students to get together and do activities or events. Specifically, even if the space itself exists, many students have problems using that space. For example, students can’t easily rent out the Chunma Arts Center, and the adjacent concert hall is also not allowed for student use because of some facilities management issues. So students have expressed their opinions that the good places at YU are poorly utilized or simply inaccessible. We, the Student Council, want to make spaces available that are sponsored by companies, similar to the SK Future Hall at Korea University. Therefore we are going to request this from the university headquarters, but we are having difficulties due to lack of budget.

 What do you plan to do through collaboration with other universities and communities?
 We are preparing for an athletic meeting with other universities located in Daegu or Gyeongsangbuk-do such as Kyungpook National University, Keimyung University, and Daegu University. Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongsan-Si are still in contact. But the foregoing is not yet confirmed.

 How can you deal with the problem of smoking areas on campus?
 The entire YU campus has been designated as a non-smoking campus, but some places have smoking areas so that people can smoke only in that area. However, some students ignore the signs and smoke in non-smoking areas, even though they know that it is forbidden. Also, most smoking areas are near building entrances. As a result, non-smokers have to breathe in smoke to enter their buildings. We understand that’s one of the huge problems at Yeungnam University. However, we think it can’t be controlled easily. We are planning to have campaigns to stop smoking near building entrances.

 How can you deal with the student cafeteria issue and reducing seasonal semester lecture expenses?
 First of all, we implemented staff to monitor the situation with the student cafeteria, which has continued its efforts to provide better meals to students by sending student’s opinions to nutritionists and managers as a representative of students. But, in regards to reducing expenses for seasonal semester lectures, YU has not yet given us information about the budget, so we cannot provide any specific information at this time.

 In addition, there were various kinds of pledges of the 51st Student Council. They will fix the problem of system of changing majors as well as violent delivery men. Also, they will improve the smart attendance system, the school bus, and the shuttle bus on campus. As part of the YU student body, all of us have to see if they play their part faithfully. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to visit the student president’s website and give them feedback about their role in YU’s development.

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