UNICA : Movie Festival for Peace and Cultural Exchange
UNICA : Movie Festival for Peace and Cultural Exchange
  • Kang Sin-hyung
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One of the judges of UNICA is greeting audiences (photo by reporter Kim Ji-yeong)
One of the judges of UNICA is greeting audiences (photo by reporter Kim Ji-yeong)


 Do you know UNICA, the International Cinema Union? If you have an interest in movies, maybe you have heard of this festival. UNICA started in 1931, and since then, 40 countries have participated in this festival. Korea also has taken part in the festival since 2002. This festival was created for international cultural exchange and discovering the nature of humanity by screening good movies. By doing so, the UNICA organization thinks that the earth will become pure and clean.

 The festival lasts for two days, and it consists of screening short films on the first day and showing one-minute films to audiences on the second day. After watching movies, audiences can watch movies of various genres. After watching the movies, audiences can vote for the best movie and write reviews about the movies.

 In the theater, UNICA shows audiences not only movies, but also various Korean traditional performances. And outside the theater, some Korean traditional snacks and tea are also available. Audiences can see movies and performances and taste traditional Korean snacks.

 As previously stated, movies shown in UNICA have many certain features. Because movies submitted to the UNICA are free about running time, genre, and language, unless the director has infringed upon a movie’s copyright, any movie can be submitted to UNICA. After judges evaluate the movies submitted, selected movies are screened on UNICA’s screens.

 UNICA also recruits volunteers. There is no qualification needed to volunteer qualification. UNICA simply asks its volunteers to be diligent and attend a volunteer education program. There are many different areas that volunteers can participant in, such as projecting, promoting, translating, etc. UNICA gives volunteers a certificate of volunteering, meals, and snacks during the activities. So, if you want to volunteer your ability to something interesting involving movies, then maybe UNICA would be a good event for you.
Watching movies is free of charge, and this festival has been held in Gyeongsan for the last three festivals. So, if you have any interest of this festival, go to this instructive and heartwarming film festival!

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