Education Opportunities Offered
Education Opportunities Offered
  • Ra Yun-seo
  • 승인 2018.11.29 18:38
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LVRLACC visited Daegu Metropolitan City Hall(photo by reporter  Ra Yun-seo)
LVRLACC visited Daegu Metropolitan City Hall(photo by reporter Ra Yun-seo)

 The LVRLACC(Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities & Counties Cooperation) international development cooperation mission to Korea stayed from July 9 to 14. On July 10, the international cooperation organization of LVRLACC and the international development cooperation organization from three African countries visited the Global Saemaul Development Network(GSDN), a non-profit international organization including Yeungnam University.
They visited Yeungnam University to learn about the academic system of the Saemaul Movement from YU and the know-how of Korea’s economic development. In addition, the LVRLACC signed MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) with our university to promote international development cooperation and exchanges between the two organizations. They are a multilateral international cooperation organization within Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, which are all located along Lake Victoria in Africa. The organization consists of members from three local governments, municipal councils, and the private sector.

 Through the MOU, the two organizations shared experiences of economic development such as the Saemaul Movement and Korea’s urban development policy. So they decided to gather strength in urban planning and industrial resource development consultation establishment of administrative support system collaboration human resource development cooperative e-learning and Korean culture research, and Saemaul Development Studies.
Mathew N. Lubongeja, the mayor of Tanzania Sengerema district, said that the urban development policy and plans as well as Korea’s Saemaul Movement will surely contribute to the development of Africa. Sur Gil-soo, the President of YU, emphasized “There is a growing demand from the developing countries, including Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines for the Saemaul Movement and Korea’s development programs. Yeungnam University’s accumulated academic knowledge and know-how will be a great help of developing countries.”

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