YU Baseball Team Wins at the National Championship
YU Baseball Team Wins at the National Championship
  • Jun Soo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.11.29 18:36
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The players and officials gathered together to celebrate the Yeungnam University baseball team’s win(photo by reporter Jun Soo-yeon)
The players and officials gathered together to celebrate the Yeungnam University baseball team’s win(photo by reporter Jun Soo-yeon)

 The Observer was invited to participate in the celebration at 6 p.m. on  September 17 at the Chunma Arts Center Convention Hall in Yeungnam University. Yeungnam University baseball team won the Presidential National University Baseball Championship for the second time. We interviewed the manager Park Tae-ho who led the baseball team to the championship.
 How do you feel about winning the Presidential National College Baseball Championship again after 2003?
It took too long for me to win again in this baseball game, so I feel sad rather than happy.
 What was the most important point of team training preparation?
The players couldn’t have enough time practice. Therefore, I asked players to practice image training. The players were able to overcome the lack of team practice time by faithfully practicing their individual duties. Moreover, I was worried that the rain would disrupt the concentration of the players during the Presidential Championship, but I think it was a good that players showed more concentration on the games every time.
 What was the hardest part in preparing this game?
These days, athletes have to exercise and take classes at the same time. So, it was most difficult for athletes to spend less time working out together. Since baseball is not a personal sport but a team sport, we should get together to practice sports by utilizing team work.
 What was your strategy for winning?
The strategy I emphasized was that players should always feel responsible and play sincerely.
 What do you think is the most important thing in baseball?
I ask players to play sincere and basic play rather than technical play.
 How did you feel when Dongguk University was catching up with the bottom of the ninth inning?
We had four runs in the beginning and were subsequently unable to add a point. Although it was very close due to a one-point gap with Dongguk University, I think the intensive and responsible practice from the players worked out in the end.
 What are the goals for the next  Korean National Sports Festival and what needs to be supplemented by the baseball team?
The Korean National Sports Festival is the last competition of the year and our goal is bronze. As pitcher Lee Sang-dong was selected for U-23 Baseball World cup, our ace player failed to participate in Festival.
 What was the biggest attraction and advantage of the YU baseball team of Yeungnam University?
Teamwork among players, the tradition of the YU baseball club, and the trust between players and coaching staff is the biggest advantage.
 Do you have anything to say to your YU students and the persons concerned at Yeungnam University?
Thanks to the large support of the school, players are training in a good environment. First of all, I would like thank the president and our baseball team. I think we can exercise with careful concern because they are interested in the baseball team. I hope that students would be interested in and love the baseball team of Yeungnam University.
The Observer also hopes to watch the baseball team’s good performance in the upcoming tournament.

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