A Special Experience for The Observer
A Special Experience for The Observer
  • Choi Ji-hye
  • 승인 2018.11.29 16:55
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The Observer Training Tour in Paju Book City

 On 11 July 2018, The Observer reporting team went to visit Paju Book City for our 2018 summer training. We spent valuable time getting information about the publishing business and experiencing various programs.

Paju Book City is a community for the publishing industry and video industry in Korea. Paju Book City administers the publishing and distributing of books because it is home to many publishing companies. On average, Paju Book City uses about 25 tons of paper a day to produce books. Some paper is delivered to publishing companies across the country, while the rest is used to print books in Paju. In addition, Paju Book City produces and sells its paper. In fact, publishing companies in Paju make paper of various textures and colors, using natural ingredients such as seaweed and fruits. This type of paper is not used only for making books. Many companies use this innovative paper for packaging, designing or making products. In fact, Gentle Monster’s sunglasses and BMW’s lantern color were inspired by this innovative paper.

 Paju Book City also contributes to an exchange of international cultural information, performance, and exhibition. For example, during the most popular walking tour in Paju Book City, a guide introduces the publishing places to tourists and introduces the role of each building and the various programs on offer throughout the city. Popular walking courses include a youlhwadang and a hwalpan workshop. A children’s literature village walking program for children is also provided.
You can consult Paju Book City for detailed information about the various programs through SNS such as Facebook and Instagram. Also, you can make a reservation for your visit through the official website. As art exhibitions and galleries for adults and children are also being held, foreigners can enjoy the Korean cultural life in Paju Book City. If you are interested in getting information about publishing business, you should consider visiting Paju Book City. It’s a great place for anyone who wants to enjoy book culture or maybe get a publishing job in the future. In addition, if you are looking for a place to make special memories, I recommend Paju Book City.

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