A Peaceful Chunmaje
A Peaceful Chunmaje
  • Ra Yun-seo
  • 승인 2018.11.08 17:58
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People are enjoying the peaceful Chunmajae
People are enjoying the peaceful Chunmajae

 The Chunmaje of 2018 was held by the YU Club Association. It was held on September 6 and September 7. In fact, it had a very different atmosphere from last year’s Chunmaje. YU members could visit the flea market during the daytime and the rock festival at night. Kim Na-young, Paul Kim, Kwon Jin-ah, O.when, and G.Urban performed on stage alongside the waterfront. But, the biggest thing was that the pub tents from each school’s club were all gone; instead, they could only use food trucks.

 The YU Club Association originally planned to run the pub tents during Chunmaje. However, because of the Ministry of Education’s official announcement prohibiting the sale of alcohol to college students, the Club Association decided to suspend the operation of the Chunmaje pub tents. A total of 53 club members took a vote on two possible choices. The first was to keep the pub tents in the festival, and the second was to get rid of the pub tents but to have a rock festival and a seminar instead. Each school had a representative present at the vote. The result of the 53 club members who voted was 18 votes in favor of the first choice and 35 in favor of the second. That’s why the Club Association decided to remove the bars.

 Finally, the president of the Club Association, Ha Dong-su (Senior, Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering) said “Many students wondered why the festival was divided into the first and second semester. It was voted on first by the Student Council and second by the YU Club Association. This also resulted from past votes. Actually, we have been holding rock festivals for a long time.”


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