Congratulations The Observer! - Prof. Christopher Sparks (Saemaul Studies and International Development)
Congratulations The Observer! - Prof. Christopher Sparks (Saemaul Studies and International Development)
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Prof. Christopher Sparks (Saemaul Studies and International Development)

I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone behind the rebirth of The Yeungnam Observer. The regular publication of any media form is no small endeavor, and these intrepid spirits have their work cut out for them. But this is not without reward. The sense of pride in seeing one’s efforts come to fruition is very real - though it is not the only reward. The effort dedicated to mass media such as The Observer is not only an exercise in journalistic training and self-accomplishment. It is also an opportunity to serve a community, and in so serving, enrich it. Media is a hallmark of development.
We should not lose sight of the fact that development is a process rather than a goal. It is not a condition of “good enough”, but a way of living which strives for betterment. The very concept of mass media itself isn’t just a technological benchmark but a channel of communication and coordination that affects the very structure of any society.
Mass media at the local level is a way for locals to establish a line of communication with the sources of power and authority around them. Through it, they can empower themselves by making their voices heard and thus become active stakeholders in the betterment of their community. And so the rebirth of The Yeungnam Observer is an opportunity for the development of our university. I encourage the brave new staff to never lose sight of this point - the best journalists are servants of the public, ones who communicate with them and work to represent their interests. They are of the people. And also for them. A good paper does not say to the locals what someone else thinks they should hear. A good paper is the voice of the locals.
Congratulations again to the new staff of The Yeungnam Observer, and thank you for becoming agents of active representation and change in our local community. Long may you do good work!

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