Congratulations The Observer! - Kim Seok-won (Mass Media and Communication)
Congratulations The Observer! - Kim Seok-won (Mass Media and Communication)
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From. Kim Seok-won (Mass Media and Communication)

Since I am also a member of the university, I thought with consideration when I was asked to write this congratulating letter. So, I decided to write about what I felt while working as a member of the Yeungnam University broadcasting system.

The broadcasting system and the newspapers are a means to relay valuable school information to our students. Relaying school information and communicating with our students through our articles and videos was memorable enough to devote three years of my youth. Writing scripts, filming images, and staying overnight for editing were not easy for us. However, after hearing praises from other students about our videos and seeing students listening to our voices through the radio, I thought all of the time I spent for the broadcasting system was not a waste of my university life.

When I heard The Yeungnam Observer is restarting, I can recommend that it is the best choice for you guys to experience this kind of memorable and valuable experience like I did. Although publishing a newspaper can be difficult and a lot of hardships can arise, I can say that you guys can feel the same emotions I felt when you see other students reading the newspaper you made. I sincerely congratulate the new members and the restart of The Yeungnam Observer.

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