Congratulations The Observer! - President Sur Gil-soo, Ph.D.
Congratulations The Observer! - President Sur Gil-soo, Ph.D.
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From. President Sur Gil-soo, Ph.D.

I sincerely congratulate the revived publication of The Yeungnam Observer, hoping for its continued development in this era of multimedia. The first volume of The Yeungnam Observer was published on May 16, 1969, reaching its 47th anniversary this year. It was suspended for two years beginning in 1980, but it was brought back to publication April 1982, after which it developed even further in quality. In the same way, I hope that this renewed publication of The Yeungnam Observer serves as an opportunity for it to take a great leap.

The press works to provide the public with information about various phenomena taking place in a society, and guide the community to form a desirable public opinion. As such, the press is the most important indicator of the soundness of a society and its future.

I urge The Yeungnam Observer to maintain a resolute stance while making special efforts to produce a newspaper for the readers. As a publication without readers can only be an empty echo, The Yeungnam Observer must become a newspaper that provides various information required by the readers and satisfies their needs.

It took more than a year of meticulous planning to determine the editorial orientation of The Yeungnam Observer, and the newspaper filled half of its forty-seventh class of junior reporter positions with international students. With the hope that many students including international students studying a variety of academic disciplines will become its avid readers, I applaud the passion of our student reporters who are weathering the difficult situation of producing a newspaper while pursuing their academic careers.

I expect The Yeungnam Observer will live up to the founding mission of our university, which is to contribute to “create a new history of national restoration based on a patriotic spirit.” I give my full support to the future of The Yeungnam Observer.

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