Has the Gender Equality Center at YU Been Meeting the Standards?
Has the Gender Equality Center at YU Been Meeting the Standards?
  • Park Hui-jeong
  • 승인 2018.07.13 17:05
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Let’s figure out whether our university center has been playing their role adequately or not. Yeungnam University enacted the Regulation on Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse in November 2001 and established a Gender Equality Center in accordance with this regulation. Following the “Regulations for the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment at Yeungnam University,” the members of the center not only help students who are in trouble but also investigate the case of the damage report. Three members work at the Gender Equality Center (except for the employees): a director of the center, a research professor, and a researcher. They are all professional counselors.

The Committee on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse has also been prepared separately. However, we can find a weakness in the area of online counselling. The website homepage has an error in its online report and counselling section. Lastly, the counselors’ eligibility is reliable: Director Yun Mi-kyung (Professor in College of Law), Research Professor Moon Ki-ra (PhD in Life Science, major in Family Studies, professional counselor for sexual violence) and researcher Kim Ji-eun (MA, major in psychology, Sexual Violence Counselor) They are all ready to help the victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence, educating perpetrators for the prevention of recurrence.

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