The Observer Will Be in Bloom across the YU Campus
The Observer Will Be in Bloom across the YU Campus
  • Park Hui-jeong
  • 승인 2018.07.13 16:15
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Letter of Editor-in-chief


 The Yeungnam Observer was newly published as an online English newspaper. The Yeungnam Observer is a representative English newspaper of YU, but our reporters have a goal to achieve.  We hope to have a wide audience of readers.  In this 348th online newspaper, we have included an overview of the upcoming 349th newspaper.

  The Yeungnam Observer covers social issues and events on our campus that students are interested in. We cover various things that people need to know, both big and small, including social issues, incidents that occur on campus, opinions of new policies, and even food recipes.

  Students sometimes criticize the government or school without any real knowledge. If we are to be real university students, we should have definite thoughts and criticisms of the government that are based on precise information. Too often, however, most of us do nothing to study policy, but continue to complain about it. Therefore, we need to take a profound interest in public policy and social issues, and then participate in those things.

  The Yeungnam Observer will try to be a helpful newspaper, and we need your attention. Please write to me if you have any thoughts about the newspaper or want to write an essay on any topics.







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