A Stupid Consumer: A Related Experience
A Stupid Consumer: A Related Experience
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Hwang Ji-hyun
Department of English Language & Literature

The proverb “A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted” means that a foolish person quickly spends his or her money on worthless things. As an example, last summer I went to a mall to buy new sandals. While looking around some stores, I found pretty sandals. There were two colors of sandals, white and silver, but I wasn’t sure which one would be the best for me. Because the white one could be matched to a lot of clothes, and the silver one looked more unique. Eventually, I bought both of them. However, a few days later I regretted buying the silver one because they were so showy that I couldn’t wear them usually.

Another example took place about two months ago. I planned to buy a book on the internet, and the price was 11,000won. When I was trying to pay for it, I found the notice, ‘If you purchase more than 19,800 won, the shipping charge is free’, so I bought some other things such as stickers, bookmarks, color pens, notebooks and I even bought a book holder. Eventually, the total price was over 30,000 won. That is, I was able to receive a free shipping service after spending more money than the shipping cost would have been.

The last example happened few weeks ago. I met my friend downtown. When we we r e walking on the street, we saw a claw machine. We tried just for fun, and we came up short. We tried again, and we came up short again. Repeated failure made us very competitive, so we couldn’t stop it until we spent all of our cash. Finally, we got a hand-sized doll. However, it took about thirty minutes, and we wasted more than 10,000 won. Through these experiences, I realized that it was important to spend money wisely. Whenever I spend money in the future, I will think about it twice and try to save money.

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