Museum Week: An Opportunity to Find Intriguing
Museum Week: An Opportunity to Find Intriguing
  • Ra Yun-seo
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The main poster of Musem Week
The main poster of Musem Week

 Do the students of Yeungnam University know that the our museum displays relics full of interesting histories? The Observer is going to introduce particular relics and their histories that are provided this year at Yeungnam University Museum. We hope students get some useful information regarding the museum from The Observer. If you are interested in the relics that you can’t observe in any other museum and want to hear intriguing news about them, you may want to wait for The Observer’s next issue.

Yeungnam University Museum held Museum Week with YU freshmen in April this year. The event lasted for five days from April 7 to 12. Approximately 5,000 freshmen could participate through a special lecture. This event aimed to give the freshmen a chance to figure out the history of our university and, thereby, allowed them to feel proud about the school through the program as well as its museum collections. Through Museum Week, students could strengthen their interest in the museum by listening to the explanations of relics and history that may not have been fully understood just by visiting the museum alone. The event did not end this year and will be going on in future years. Therefore, we assume that most freshmen of Yeungnam University will be lucky enough to enjoy this opportunity and learn from it as well.

If you participated in this special lecture, you could appreciate the Map of Korea: Daedongyeojido and the rubbing of the monument― the impression of the monument surface―of King Gwanggaeto the Great on the first floor of the main hall. Then you could hear the explanation of the relics displayed in the Imdang relic room on the second floor. You could learn ‘Apdok-kuk’ polity―the small country in ancient Korea, located in Gyeongsan―and the Imdang ruins and the remains of the site and other personal belongings in the Imdang relic room. Apdok-kuk polity has been handed down only in literature, and, therefore, we couldn’t see the reality of it until the site was excavated 30 years ago. The story of the Apdok-kuk polity, which is only available at the Yeungnam University Museum, will be discussed in more detail in the near future.

Freshmen of YU are listening to the Museum Week lecture
Freshmen of YU are listening to the Museum Week lecture


The Observer covered the last day of Museum Week, and we focused not only on the explanations about the relics but the attitude of the students. Dozens of students participated in the class, and, unlike most of them, a few did not seem to pay their much attention. We even observed some students looking at their phones, or chit chatting with each other. They did not seem to be fully engaged in the class, and that made us disappointed. However, many students were very curious at the displayed relics and Apdok-kuk. Here, we suggest that all students be aware of the importance of giving their full attention while attending lectures. Without a doubt, it is very important for us to have good knowledge and pride concerning the history of our community. Would you discard such a wonderful opportunity to learn our heritage or fully appreciate it at the Yeungnam University Museum?

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