Finding a Job
Finding a Job
  • Hong Yeji, Jang Hyerin
  • 승인 2016.07.30 13:20
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KOGAS, Where it is?

 Many students live very busy lives and they are trying their best to prepare for a job. However, jobs are hard to come by.

 According to ‘2016 Juvenile Statistics Data’ released by the Statistics Korea on May 2nd , 41.8% of juveniles between 13 and 24 years old preferred to work at national institutions and public enterprises. In particular, juveniles between 20 and 24 years old are mostly desired to work at public enterprises (22.5%), which ranked 1st last year.

 Furthermore, there are many job-seekers who are looking for a job in the public enterprise, but the competition rate is too high. Therefore, The Yeungnam Observer wanted to know about recruitment of public enterprise, which is called dream job of university students, in 346th, following the recruitment of LG Electronics and SL Corporation in 345th.

 We chose Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) located in Daegu innovation city. First, we thought the company would be conservative, but after interviewing KOGAS staffs, our thoughts about public enterprises completely changed.


 Support Division Human Resources Department (Human Resources Team) 37th Jo Bo-mi

 Corporate Planning Division Strategy Planning Department (Business Foundation Team) 37th Park Seon-woo

1. Please tell us about Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) briefly.

KOGAS has contributed to the national economic development and improved public welfare by introducing and supplying natural gas, a clean energy.We had the huge success in the field of overseas resources development by accumulating business know-hows and brand power. Also, KOGAS is growing into a global energy company equipped with competitiveness in the world market beyond the country’s most respected energy company.

2. When we heard stories from our seniors, they often changed their job because of the image of company or tasks which were completely different from what they thought. What are your thoughts on before and after working at the KOGAS?

Jo Bo-mi: I was transited from intern to an employee of KOGAS. I was favorably impressed by employees during internship. I thought public enterprises would be very conservative at first time. However, it was much flexible and great that there was a culture of respecting for individuals. Therefore, I applied to KOGAS. My thoughts are not changed after entering the company, but I became busier because there are lots of tasks. From this reason, I should have a bigger sense of responsibility.

Park Seon-woo: While I was preparing for a job, I found KOGAS. I applied to this company because I thought KOGAS was great. Also, I worked in field of technical post, but now, I work in an office, which was not unusual. This position made me to work variously.

3. Why did you apply to a public enterprise, not other companies (ex-private enterprise)?

Jo Bo-mi: The biggest merit would be ‘stability’. When studying about the employment, I found out that KOGAS has contributed to society and community more than what I knew. This means they concern a lot to contribute to society or to community, so I think KOGAS is doing more valuable work than other private enterprises.

Park Seon-woo: Stability is why everyone hopes to work in public enterprises. The biggest merit would be workloads and welfares that KOGAS provides. My friends who work in other companies, not public enterprises, seemed to have hard times, so I prepared to work in public enterprise.

4. Recruitment system is different every year. How about the half of   this year?

Jo Bo-mi: This is difficult for me to say, because recruitment system has not yet been determined officially. But you will be able to check new recruitment system on the notice soon. Also, it is better to check the previous notice.

5. NCS based recruitment will be introduced in document screening process. Explain in detail about that.

Jo Bo-mi: NCS examination is the evaluation of employee’s business ability. Therefore, it assesses their suitability for the jobs and considers about many duties that are proper or not proper to them. I entered a company through NCS, so I am really satisfied about this examination. There were many questions that asked how much do they know about our company and there was a list to write a desired field. It was very good to select questions of your favorite field and took an exam.

Park Seon-woo: Also, you should study your major hard. Companies do not hire you only by personality and aptitude. However, it differs from company to company, so it is good to check specifically.

6. What is your own know-how for entering the company?

Jo Bo-mi: Many people applied for several companies thoughtlessly because they want to get a job as soon as possible. However, it will be hard to prepare properly. I recommend students to prepare one company or one duty intensively.

Park Seon-woo: Students have to think how to use their major in the company. In the case of technical work, its major is all different, so it is good to think about how to use different majors in one field and the other fields. Also, we probably need a bit of good luck.

Jo Bo-mi: Actually, that’s true, but I think you should have an ability to have that luck.

7. What is the most important thing to hire employees in this company?

Park Seon-woo: It is important to make interviewer’s mind like “I want to work with you.” This will be important in all companies. Of course, the other processes are important, but this part is the most important thing. You should not think about only you.

Jo Bo-mi: I also think your personality as the most important thing. You have to learn every new duty, so they will see your attitude of learning and how you treat people. If you have a good personality, all people will want to work with you.

8. Lately, many students are trying to get a high grade. Do they see grade a lot?

Jo Bo-mi: In our company application, there are no lists to write a grade and the name of your university. I did not get good grades because I did many extracurricular activities. Although my grades were not good, I had many experiences in the field. Of course, grade is important but you should have basic qualification. For private enterprise, participating internship or contest exhibit is good and for public enterprise, you have to prepare examination carefully.

9. Lastly, tell me one more thing for job applicants.

Jo Bo-mi: It is important to have a relax mind. Many students feel anxiety, but to resolve that anxiety will be very effective way to improve your abilities. Think comfortable and prepare with having a breadth of mind.