Women and Society
Women and Society
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 The women are one of the most valued contributors to society when a society believes that men and women are not equal it gives the opportunity to treat the genders in a different way which will cause social injustice, discrimination and gender disparities, in most of the countries women are treated as commodity, base on their own traditional and culture system, women are stressed that home is their predominant place although women can have a great contribution and collaboration in economic and social development, women are the greatest assets in a country, since women population has been more than men in the world therefore empowerment of women is a necessity and women needs to understand their rights and to be independent in all areas of their lives instead of being treaated as helpless victims of males.

Education is an essential means to empower women with skill and knowledge which will help women to participate in the development of their country and change women from enforced powerlessness to a position of power, unequal opportunity for women, discriminating on job employment should be changed since it has been the main reason that women live in a poverty and are economically dependent on their family. "A woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water." Eleanor Roosevelt, it means women are strong force for the society they should have legal rights. Political, health and economic awareness, they should have a goal for the future and strive to attain it with courage.

Women also kept away from politics, men consider it their main domain and women are given a minimized role in all political situations of the country, women representative should be promoted in all elected bodies in order to give a chance for women to have some contribution in all affairs of their country to promote women in politics, the representative of women needs to be elected in all areas of the country in order give the chance for women to have their contribution in all affairs of their country.


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