What Do You Think about the Dance Club at the YU Festival?
What Do You Think about the Dance Club at the YU Festival?
  • Wan-Young Zo
  • 승인 2013.05.14 20:01
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I’m a Chinese exchange student, and I want to give my opinion about the question of whether it’s proper to hold a club party on campus. My answer is no. There are so many reasons for my opinion. First, security should be taken into consideration. If we have that kind of party the situation may become loud and overcrowded. Some students may become too excited and drink too much. For one thing, it’s bad for their health. In addition, drinking too much alcohol may make them lose control. Fighting, traffic accidents and even drug use could occur. Second, it’s not useful for college students to have unhealthy habits. Especially for the ones who haven’t built up their value system completely. They may be overcome by the frenzy which is brought about by a crazy party. They may become addicted to it and lose themselves. I heard that many people destroy their life in this way. Third, I think the campus should be pure without any dust. It’s a place where we can gain a lot of knowledge and skills to survive in society. If we bring a loud club environment onto the campus, we will break the perfect atmosphere for study here. I think most people here should be eager to learn and not play, so in order to satisfy their demands and consider the construction of the right kind of culture, it’s better to avoid this kind of thing.Actually, I guess some people will agree with this kind of activity because young people are easily drawn to the club atmosphere and they like to play and try exciting things. However, if we think rationally, it’s not suitable. I’m a foreigner so I don’t understand Korean society and traditions totally, but based on what I have experienced in China, I think club style fixtures should not be allowed in here. However, if the Korean college system decides to permit it, I suggest some limits should be put in place.

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