What Do You Think about the Dance Club at the YU Festival?
What Do You Think about the Dance Club at the YU Festival?
  • Geun-Hyun Cha
  • 승인 2013.05.14 20:00
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When you hear about the festival at Yeungnam University, what comes into your mind first? Perhaps a bar tent which is operated by groups such as your club or major comes to mind. Drinking alcohol with friends that you have not met for a long time and playing some games could also be something you think about. These are some ways to enjoy the spring festival, but they’re not for me. I have experienced the spring festival for 5 years since I was a freshman. I’ve seen it all, and I need a variety of events. Actually, there are some events during the festival season, but more people work in the bar tents than participate in the events with one exception. Performances by famous musicians always draw a big crowd. Last year’s student council decided to conduct the main event with a club party theme and the consequence of this new event was satisfying so far as I know. Therefore I want to say if the club theme is used again this year, it could continue to improve the event.The club theme will attract more people and it won’t be for a short time. People will be able to join the party easily and go back to the bar tents as well. As long as the music is turned on there will never be just a few people around the main stage. It gives an opportunity to enjoy the festival more enthusiastically. Why should alcohol be the only way to express youthfulness? It could also prevent people from drinking too much and reduce accidents because the club will make people get out of the bar tents. However, a real club’s environment has shortcomings because it is too small and it is full of cigarette smoke. The atmosphere at the festival definitely cannot be the same as a real club but at least, it will be enough to give us a similar feel. Moreover, we do not have to pay an entrance fee and we do not need to worry about a bad environment. All we have to do is just enjoy ourselves and dance to cool music. We have the right to enjoy the festival with diverse events and the student council can give some more options for us. I hope that keeping the club party theme will improve the quality of the Yeungnam University festival and through trial and error, it will improve even more. I am sure that it will show us other ways to radiate our youthfulness without just drinking alcohol.

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