What Are Your Expectations of Our New President?
What Are Your Expectations of Our New President?
  • Da-Eun Ow
  • 승인 2013.04.02 21:04
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Students probably have at least one hope for improvement at our university. However, most students don’t make suggestions to the administration. Although they have a chance to make suggestions, they think no one will pay attention to them. Last year, an event was held to open communication with the president of Yeungnam University. Through this event, the university president heard the opinions of students. Students were able to relate to him and the university, and they felt comfortable making suggestions through this event. I think that this was a very good idea and if it is done frequently, communication can improve between the students and the university. However, most students were not interested in this event. Promotion of this event has to be more extensive so more students can participate. I hope more events like this will be held this year.Second, I hope more classes will be offered. This month, we signed up for classes. However, there were no openings in the classes that I hoped to register for and only a few classes were offered. Students have the right to have access to the classes they want to take. For our university life, the university has to give students the opportunity to take the classes they need. To solve this problem, more classes have to be offered.

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