The Most Representative Korean Portal Site
The Most Representative Korean Portal Site
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NAVER Co. is an Internet portal site provided by NHN (Next Human Network) Ltd. Co. which started in June, 1999. General search services provided by NAVER include maps, moving pictures, image searches, and diverse information sources. NAVER employs about 3,700 people. Its sales in 2011 were over 2 trillion won with a 28.9% sales-profit (28.9 % of total). Its total current market capitalization is over 12 trillion won compared to Daum the number 2 portal site at over 2 trillion won. NAVER is 5th among 165 world portal sites. The USA market survey organization comScore co. ranks NAVER as the world’s 5th most used search engine. Google ranked first, Yahoo USA was second, Baidoo from China was third and MSN from the USA ranked fourth.

NAVER’s growth is largely a result of its workers’ effort and inspiration. NAVER strives to differentiate itself with its services. For example, NAVER’s “Knowledge iN” is a service that allows users to ask about anything they are curious or worried about in daily life. After they upload a question, responses by other users who know the answers are given spontaneously. All staff members make efforts to meet requirements and provide spontaneous answers, NAVER has also recently sought expert consultations from professionals such as doctors and lawyers in order to give better answers. Sequence search is another service whereby the outcomes of searches are arranged by order of frequency. In other words, it prioritizes information based on the number of times it is clicked on. This service is the first of its kind in the world. In addition, News library is a service that provides old Korean newspapers in pdf form and displays it to users. The paper news from the past can be seen in its original form. Many people are hired to arrange all old records by hand. This enables people to reduce mistakes in recording historical facts. Hwan-Seok Lee, the section manger of “Service Cooperation,” said the biggest difference between NAVER and other portal sites is its search engine. He said that more than 160 million search key-words (Quarry) occur and 30 million people connect to NAVER, including mobile phone users per day. It seeks to provide high-quality content in order to supply optimal satisfactory results to meet the high standards of Korean users. According to Lee, the service of general search and Knowledge iN are a result of their efforts to meet their users’ needs. Another reason for NAVER’s growth is its concern for its employees. In the N-touch zone, the latest technology helps their employees create ideas to keep pace with the flow of the times. The media-wall shows updated real-time news such as NAVER news. In addition, on the first floor of the building, there is a library. The library is open to workers as well as outside visitors, and there are relevant books about the design and IT fields. There are conference and leisure rooms to provide creative space for new ideas. Moreover, a fitness center is provided to promote the health of the workers. Every area of the building has a wooden floor which generates less dust, about a 30th of what is produced by a carpeted floor. In addition, Indirect illumination lights the entire space to lessen fatigue in those who watch the monitors and to reduce the amount of electricity usage. The inner service facilities also provide all house-hold requirements such as banking, insurance, resting areas, a cafeteria, and bicycle parking lots for those who come to work by bicycle. The open atmosphere also encourages creativity. Workers come to work by 10 a.m. and they are allowed to dress casually. There are also many aids for hobby group activities to help make the best use of individual leisure time. There are stairways that record calorie consumption when going upstairs to encourage using the stairways rather than the elevator. They also set up a dish washing area next to the water machine to encourage workers not to use one-use paper cups. There are also resting rooms and ecological recycle spaces with real flowers instead of artificial ones. Mr. Lee continually stated that there are so many welfare systems at NAVER including group injury insurance that the company provides for workers that workers at other companies are very jealous of. He adds that all family healthcare costs even if just for a common cold are covered. Another unique benefit allows employees with 3 years employment to go on a leave for at least 5 days. This is called the Refresh Leave, and it is supported by company funds. Lee stated that a large percentage of the NHN workforce is young. Therefore, internal communication is very smooth, and the process of work goes speedily. Nonetheless, the inner atmosphere is not as free as it is on university campuses regardless of the relaxed dress code. All campus students are advised to remember one thing. The Internet is changing very quickly and NAVER members are making great efforts to deal with the fast rate of change. Lee concluded by saying that IT is still a limitless field of opportunity that requires the concern of the university students.

We tried to learn more about NAVER. It is a friendly place to work at, and the green window colors remind us of NAVER, which practically leaves an influence on our daily life. NAVER has made constant efforts to supply better search services, and every employee is also making great efforts to produce the best results. We all anticipate how NAVER will lead its efforts for future growth.

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