Have You Heard about Mother-in Law / Son-in Law Conflicts?
Have You Heard about Mother-in Law / Son-in Law Conflicts?
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Recently documented mother-in law/son-in law conflicts have increased in frequency and have surpassed cases of daughter-in law/mother-in law conflicts. According to a remarriage site on February 3rd, 2012 interference by mother-in-laws in marriages is the number one cause of divorce reported by men. In the past, if a wife was treated unfairly or was suffering through a painful marriage, her mother was not able to interfere. However, these days the mothers of wives are more likely to confront their sons-in law. In comparison, interference by the mothers of husbands is the third most common reason given women for wanting a divorce at 17%. The number of men who live with their in-laws has increased threefold over the past 20 years, whereas women who live in their husband’s family home have decreased by more than half. This trend shows a significant change in the status of women in Korea.

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