Where will I be and what would I be doing 30 years later?
Where will I be and what would I be doing 30 years later?
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Where will I be and what would I be doing 30 years later? I keep asking myself these questions. I would not stay in Malaysia nor Korea after 30 years, I will just be somewhere in the world. That’s my dream to travel around the world, and visit every country in this world.
After 30 years, I hope to be married and I hope my children will be grown. I would like to retire early from my job, so I can begin to enjoy my life after retirement. I want to retire early because I feel confident that I can live out the rest of my life comfortably. Also, having good health is another reason why it is a good idea for me to retire early. After working hard, I wish to reward myself by enjoying what I have worked for.
Everyday throughout the world people are getting ready for or are planning for their retired life. I am no exception. I am getting ready for my retirement so I can travel! My first stop will be China. “To know the world and its inhabitants is the anxious wish of all who are in the least degree curious and inquisitive.” John Adams exactly describes people’s desire to know the world. However a person will never know the world if they don’t travel to China. Therefore I have decided to travel in China, so I can feast my eyes on the unparalleled sceneries there.
After I visit the largest Asian country, my next stops will be Africa, New Zealand, United States, France, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Turkey, and many other countries. I will visit all these countries with my love 30 years after.I’m sure my last stop will be Japan. It’s because I love the lifestyle and culture of the Japanese. Although the pace of life is fast in Japan, the Japanese have a healthy lifestyle and a long lifespan. It’s the most suitable country for the lives of elderly people. I hope that I can live in this peaceful country permanently.
I enjoy traveling to different countries, understanding different cultures, learning about different types of people and making friends with them. I will begin to implement this dream after half of my lifetime. With this dream, I am sure that my life will be colorful after 30 years.

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