What Kind of Past would You Like to relive?
What Kind of Past would You Like to relive?
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I want to go back to the past.
If I could go back to the past, I would go back to my third year of high school.
When I was a senior in high school, I was worried about not having many friends. Fortunately, I made some very good friends. I was happy with them during our senior year. I want to go back in time because of my memories with those friends. There were six of us, and they were like my medicine.
When I was a senior in high school, spending time with my friends was fun and special. There are four memories that stick out in my mind.
First, we fell in love with the snack bar at our school. Our favorites were cup noodles, triangle kimbab, milk, and ice cream.
When we went there, we ran very fast like tigers. After lunch, we always went to the snack bar.
Second, our school's lunch was very delicious. We waited until lunch time. After we had lunch, we walked on the school’s track. Our school ground was very beautiful and big.
Third, we had self study at night. At night, there were many bugs. We often killed them. When my friend slept, we woke her up. We helped each other. Going to the toilet during this time was forbidden, but we went to the toilet carefully. These moments were thrilling. Sometimes we were so bored during self study, and we decided to sneak out and go home. These moments were also really thrilling.
Finally, we just did childish things. The best was moving one of our friends' desks and chairs to another class. When they came back to class, we locked all the doors. So, they had to open a window and jump through. Then, we pushed them out, and we teased them.
Times are different now. When I am tired, I think of my high school friends and these memories. Sometimes I meet with them and talk about old times.
I have made good friends at university. Although I have good friends now, I can't have memories like these. I like university life, but I sometimes I feel like something is missing. If I could go back to the past, I would go back to my high school days.

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