1)Movies and Books That Move You
1)Movies and Books That Move You
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M...y beautiful... garden
Impressions from this book still linger in my mind. A child is the focus of the story, but the narrator gives the impression of a grown-up rather than a child. I think maybe he was writing while looking back on his past. I could roughly guess a time frame, but this book doesn’t give a detailed account of it.
When Dong Goo (the narrator) was old enough to learn letters, he didn't learn because of his family’s circumstances. So Dong Goo's class teacher (Park Young Eun) taught him how to read and write letters. The class teacher didn't give up on him. She kept him after class everyday and taught him passionately. Although I'm going to university now, I thought it is almost impossible to find an elementary school teacher like her. How many teachers have sincere love and patience in this generation? I was so moved that the teacher never gave up on her pupil. I was also moved by his mother’s love which motivated her to make sure her son did not remain illiterate. At the same time, my mother came into my mind. When I was in elementary school, I didn't learn multiplication tables well. I still remember that my mother worried about me and got me the help I needed.
Young Joo (Dong Goo's sister) got all of her family's affection. Nevertheless, Dong Goo was never jealous, and he loved his sister. When Young Joo died because of Dong Goo's carelessness, it made my heart ache. I am not a parent so I could never understand the pain of losing a child. However, I have an older brother, and I know if my brother died I'd be the saddest person in the world. Dong Goo is younger than me and I can’t imagine the pain of his loss. He also had to endure the loss of his beloved teacher. That much sadness seems too great for normal people to bear. When his mother went to a mental hospital, I thought about how I would handle that kind of situation.
This book's title is “m...y beautiful... garden.” I didn't know before reading this book and even after why the title has so many dots. So I thought it over later, the reason was because Dong Goo didn't read and write well.I closed this book and hoped he would meet Young Joo and Park teacher again someday in the afterlife.

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