The fall
The fall
  • Eun-Song Hwang
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:18
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This movie is fascinating. Its name as well as itsposter caught my attention. The brilliant and colorfulscenes sink people into the movie like falling throughthe door of a fantasy world. In this movie, Hollywoodstunt actor "Roy" is hospitalized with a broken legsuffered while filming a movie. This situation was madeeven more difficult by the fact that his lover left him. Hemet Alexandra, a little girl in the hospital by accident.He tells her a fantastic tale about six heroes, theircommon enemy, and the terrible Governor Odious. Oneof the heroes was Black Bandit who lost his brother. Hewas killed by Odious' men. There was an expert inexplosives, Luigi who was an outcast in his townbecause of Odious. Another hero was an Indian who hadhis beautiful wife abducted by Odious. There was also aformer slave named Otta Benga who lost his twinbrother in the fields controlled by Odious. Another hero,Charles Darwin, receives a rare "Mistica Americana"butterfly that was killed by Odious; and finally there wasMystic who hated Odious for destroying the animals andplants of his lands. Roy tells this story of these heroeswho join forces to defeat the evil Odious. WhileAlexandria fantasizes about the story she projects theimages of her acquaintances on the characters in Roy’sstory. Roy uses Alexandria’s innocence to ask her tosteal morphine and medicines from the dispensary forhim to commit suicide. However, Alexandria gets hurttrying to bring him the morphine. He knew that it washis fault that she was hurt. He tells her that the wholestory was made-up, and because of his guilt, he tellsher that four of the heroes died, and the fifth hero, “RedMask” who is represented by Roy undergoes a crisis.However, he finally defeats Odious and there is a happyending Alexandria wanted. In the end, Roy becomes thebest stunt actor and Alexandria resumes her peacefullife.
This movie is much more that just beautiful scenery.There is a very rich story how imagination can be usedto deal with pain and loss. The character Royexemplifies this
.Roy allowed his own depression caused by the loss ofhis lover and the possibility that he would not recoverfrom his injury to spill over and cause harm to aninnocent child. However, in the end Roy and thecharacters in his fantasy story find redemption. Thismovie is amazing as it draws you in with its vivid imagesand then keeps you captivated with it characters andstory, and finally teaches you a lesson about how yourown state of mind can have a profound effect on thosearound you.

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