An offer you can't refuse
An offer you can't refuse
  • Matija Gantar
  • 승인 2011.04.07 16:48
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A few days ago, just when I was leaving class, I was approached by a Korean student. He asked me if I could write an essay about my favorite book or film. It was an offer I could not refuse , so I have decided to write about one of my favorite films, that is actually based on one of my favorite books: The Godfather.
The Godfather is an American film that was filmed in1972 and is based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same title. It was directed by a very influential American director and a representative of the American new wave Francis Ford Coppola, who also, along with Puzo, adapted the screenplay. Marlon Brando portrayed Don Vito Corleone and created one of the most memorable film characters of all time. The role of Michael Corleone was played by Al Pachino, it was one of his first and most notable performances on the big screen. The film also featured Robert Duvall, James Caan, Diane Keaton and John Cazale. Personally I think that they could not have done a better job in portraying the characters from Puzo's novel. The film received many Academy and Golden Globe awards, including best picture and best actor and is greatly respected among international film critics as well as the general public. It is routinely listed as one of the greatest films ever made.
The plot revolves around the Corleone family. Don Vito Corleone (Brando) is the patriarch of the family and the boss of the most powerful criminal organization in New York city. Although he is a criminal and a killer, he is portrayed as a kind and wise man, with high moral principles, who often helps people in trouble. People who respect him call him 'Godfather.' At the age of 12 he was forced to leave his native Sicily and flee to America, because a local Mafia boss had murdered his entire family and wanted to get him too, in order to prevent any future acts of revenge. As a young man, he tries to live his life as an honest, law abiding citizen, but soon gets himself involved in organized crime. His sons Santino (Caan) and Alfredo (Calzale) follow in his footsteps and join the family business. Only his youngest son Michael (Pachino) is ashamed of his family and swears to himself that he would never become part of the family business. The plot takes a turn when enemies of the Corleone family attempt to assassinate Don Vito. Because Michael is the only one of the Corleones, who is not involved in the family business, he is the only one who has the opportunity to avenge his father's assassination attempt, so he decides to murder the person who is responsible and flees to Sicily. During his absence a war between the New York Mafia families explodes, and the Corleones are under heavy pressure from the other families. Don Vito eventually recovers, but his son Santino gets killed by his enemies. He decides to end the war and settles things with the other four families and the authorities, so Michael can return back home from his exile in Sicily. When Michael returns, he gets involved in organized crime. He becomes the boss of the Corleone family after the death of his father and eliminates all the enemies of the family.

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