The person I miss the most
The person I miss the most
  • Nam-Ju Lim
  • 승인 2011.04.07 16:43
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A girl named Angela is the person I really want to meet again. She was one of my classmates in elementary school. Nine years ago, I lived in New Zealand for about a year, and attended Whailowhai International School. At that time I was just 12 years old, and I did not know much about anything, especially about New Zealand which was so new and different to me. I tried to get to know people and adjust to my new surroundings. Meanwhile, I met Angela who was the only other Asian person in the class. Since we both came from Asia, we understood one another, and we grew closer over time. She had immigrated to New Zealand when she was 7 years old, so she spoke English very well like a native. In addition, she was fluent in Chinese. Talking with her helped me improve my English because of her good speaking skills. In addition, whenever the weekend came around we used to spend great times together by traveling around New Zealand. She showed me gorgeous places like 'One Tree Hill', 'the New Zealand War Museum', and 'Rainbow's end', which is an amusement park. My experiences spending time with Angela have remained as unforgettable memories in my mind.
After coming back to Korea, whenever I see the red folding fan in my drawer that she gave me at my farewell party, I always remember her, and I miss the time we spent time together. I remember it was the last time having seen her at my home-stay house. We could not stop crying because I was leaving, but I promised to keep in touch with her faithfully even after parting.
Recently, I've opened an account with a social networking site, and surprisingly I found some of my old friends from the Whaiowhai School, but I am still looking for Angela. I hope to find her online soon, and then we will be able to recall the past, and catch up with each other, and maybe make some new memories in the future.

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