Dare to dream and make it happen
Dare to dream and make it happen
  • Nguyen Duc Toan
  • 승인 2011.03.04 20:38
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Everyone of us has own dream. But how many people can make it come true? There are many reasons make you give up dreaming. Difficult circumstances, family’s prevention, lacking of perseverance… So watch the movie “Billy Elliot”, you may learn how to dream and make it happen.
Billy Elliot is an shy 11-year-old living with his grandmother, father and older brother during the political and social unrest of the 1984 miner's strike.
Billy’s father and older brother are miner and his mother has passed away for few years. The family’s circumstance is really difficult. The father wants Billy to be better so he sends Billy him for boxing lessons. Unfortunately, Billy isn't interested in boxing, he's much more taken with the ballet lessons next door, run by jaded Mrs. Wilkinson. And Billy gives up boxing so that he can joy the ballet class.
Billy’s father didn’t allow him to learn ballet. So there was an argument between Billy and his father. Despite father’s objection and people’s preconception about boy-learning-ballet, Billy still keeps on loving ballet. With Mrs. Wilkinson’s help, he practices dancing ballet very hard. Although there are plenty of difficulties, he never gives up. Because he knows that ballet is his life. When he dances, he feels a change in his whole body. Just there’s a fire in his body, like flying like a bird, like electricity… Only music and dancing can help him express his joy, sadness, anger and standstill. And his love for ballet persuaded the father. Finally, Billy overcomes all obstacles to reach his dream, becomes a ballet dancer.
Through Billy, we can learn a lesson. Never give up dreaming and always keep it with true love. Sometimes in your life, there are many difficulties make you feel tired or disappointed. But if you really love your dream, just believe in yourself keep on dreaming. Like Billy, he made dream come true by love and perseverance. So always be patient in learning and try your best to make your dream come true. And you’ll never regret. Besides, Billy Elliot also shows us the family’s affection. Billy’s father is the character making me be moved most. He has a rough look but a warm heart.
He always sacrifices his life to the sons. When seeing Billy dance, he was really moved. He knows that ballet is which Billy belongs to. To earn money for Billy to enter ballet school, he made a difficult decision. He stopped demonstrating and got back to work. And he had to receive vituperation from the other miners.
In the movie, Billy’s father is the strongest but he is the character crying most. The tears from losing self-respect to earn money for his son, the tears when saying goodbye to Billy, the tears when seeing Billy dance on stage. He epitomizes the father sacrifice to children.
Billy Elliot is a touching movie. It shows us how to dream and the will to make dream come true. I hope that after watching this movie, you can find the real meaning of your dream and always keep on it.

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