Why don’t You Think about Technological Advances?
Why don’t You Think about Technological Advances?
  • Shodmonov Sanjar
  • 승인 2010.11.18 14:39
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In the late 20th century and thebeginning of this one we havewitnessed many technologicaladvances in every sphere of ourlives from household appliances tofurther transplantation of humanorgans which is obvious proof ofadvancements in scientific andengineering technology. Theseadvancements are included in themovie industry as well. Watching theblockbuster I, Robot got me thinkingabout: What defines being a robot?The movie is not completely true toa book of short stories by sciencefictionauthor Isaac Asimov who iscredited with coining the term‘robotics’, to some extent, severalideas and concepts from the bookmake their way into the film, suchas three laws of robots whichsuggest that a robot can never harma human.As you know the film commencesin the futuristic world of 2035 thatportrays humans who are entirelyreliant on machines, robots as theyare called in the movie ‘AutomatedDomestic Assistants.’After watching the movie somemay be in favor of machines thatthey will clean our homes, deliverour packages, walk our pets andeven care for our children. Robotsthat basically do everything humanscan no longer be bothered to do andhave become a trusted part ofeveryday life. So much so thatpeople in the movie deem them tobe 'perfect' and never suspect therecould be a flaw or mistake of somesort in them.In the movie, a robot accused ofkilling its creator named ‘Sonny’was investigated by homicidedetective Spooner (Will Smith) a copwho distrusts technology, especiallyin the form of robots. He thinks thatthe future of robots is a darknightmare, and that robots arecapable of breaking the three lawsand humans will be put in danger.So, will robots like Sonny, that areintelligent and emotional asdepicted in movie, exist in roughly30 years? One might say that it isvery likely with the rapidadvancements in moderntechnology and other computerrelatedtechnology that 2035 is a fairdate to expect to run into a Sonnytype robot on the street, whodisplays human emotions andfeelings. Nevertheless, skepticsmight say that current technology isnowhere near these robots. Nor willit be any time soon. Do you agreewith this statement? Here are somearguments to discuss.In the first place, the intelligenceand human-like emotions displayedby robots in the movie are purescience fiction, though artificialintelligence is being developed toimitate human behavior and currentrobots cannot express human touch,I mean the ability to interact andrespond to humans, they cannotmake moral decisions. Secondly, AsSpooner (Will Smith) says robots donot feel fear, get hungry or sleep letalone express emotions, nor do theywrite novels, compose music anddraw paintings. In my view therewere many high-end techexaggerations in the movie.Overall, I will also welcome allforms of robots and accept the highand low advances with equalenthusiasm and be ready for the daywhen I, Robot's Sonny is as real as itportrayed in the blockbuster.To conclude, the future is notwritten yet and who knows whetherrobots are dangerous or not. What isfor sure is that humans, beingcurious beings, will continue todevelop new and advancedgenerations of robots. This is mytwo cents worth on I, Robot.

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