The Reasons Why Aussie Exchange Programs are Best
The Reasons Why Aussie Exchange Programs are Best
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Every semester, the Office of International Programs gives students a chance to do research about free subjects or designated tasks. It supports students financially in order to allow them to do research and get to know about their subjects better. For 4 years, about 800 students have gone overseas thanks to this program. YNO applied to this program in order to find out more about other exchange programs at the universites. One of reasons for choosing Sydney, Australia is that it is one of the most famous cities for education. Also, Sydney is noted for its high education passion, and being host to many exchange and international students from all over the world. Based on our last article, we tried to ask some questions to the staff of the international office of University of Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, and Australian Catholic University. University of Sydney (USYD)University of Sydney is located in Sydney, Australia. It is famous for its international and exchange programs. With over 400 courses to choose from, a central location and accessible facilities, the University of Sydney is the institution of choice for more than 9000 international students from more than 120 different countries. Also it is famous for the fact that 60% of their international students come from China, Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong and South Korea. 215 clubs and societies are supported by the student union. 41% of all international students are enrolled in the College of Economics and Business. The International Student Support Unit (ISSU) provides integrated counseling and welfare service to international students, and they are often accompanied by family members. ISSU services include, free and confidential psychological counseling by professionally qualified staff; arrival information sections; a housing officer to assist newly arriving students to find permanent accommodation; an orientation program to help students find out about services, resources and activities available on campus; and the Uni-mates program to help students make new friends quickly. International House is one of 8 residential colleges on the campus of the University of Sydney but the only one owned and operated by the University of Sydney. The House has 200 resident students from Australia and around the world, with around 35 different nationalities in the House during the academic year. International House is the most impressive system of all at the University of Sydney. We were able to meet one of the International Housing directors, Jessica Carroll. According to her, the international house offers a variety of food for many students from all over the world in order to satisfy students from China, South Korea, the United States and Africa. There is always rice available for Asian students and there are fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The House does research and based on the results they make adjustments to the menu.It is not easy to make a menu that has something for everybody. For that reason, students can make their own meals. There is a kitchen on each floor. However, unlike Yeungnam University, they can use microwave ovens, hot plates, kettles, and toasters. All of the equipment has been safety tested. The House provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for most of the residents of the House. Residents can also make their own meals in the small kitchens on each floor of the House. Students who are unable to return to the House for lunch or dinner, the House provides a packed lunch students can take, or a late dinner system where a meal is put into the refrigerator for the student which they heat and eat when they return in the evening.Because of the good management of the dorm, no one asks for a refund. If there are complaints of food from the students, two student representatives can approach the food coordinators or come directly to the manager. University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)UTS is a dynamic cosmopolitan university situated in Australia's global City of Sydney. In partnership with the City of Sydney, UTS promotes a vibrant cultural and educational environment, including development plans that will open up their city campus to pedestrians and have connections to adjacent transport, commercial and cultural hubs. Network Caf is a social program that matches new international, study abroad, and exchange students with experienced UTS buddies (Peer Networkers). It also shares tips on local culture, provides opportunities to practice new language skills, or just time to hang out. The peer Network is composed of experienced UTS students who understand the challenges that new students face. Peer Networkers forge connections with new students through the Orientation program and a variety of social events throughout the semester. These connections can assist them to access various University support services, meet other students and make strong links with the UTS community.The UTS Union provides students with social, cultural and sporting programs. Joining a club is one of the best ways for international students to meet other students and feel supported and comfortable in a new environment. Many international students join cultural societies such as Chinese, French, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, or Serbian societies. There are also many sports based clubs such as Tae Kwon Do, Ski, Gridiron, and Soccer clubs, as well as social groups like the Anime Club and religious based groups like the Muslim club or the Christian Society. The UTS Union organizes events where students can socialize and network throughout the year, both on and off campus. These include orientation events, barbecues, band performances, a sport and recreation program, outdoor cinema, trivia competitions, Fair Day and Amazing Race competitions. The Union also provides great places to eat, drink, relax, meet people, and see live music and exercise. Look out for Union cafes, bars, food court and the fitness centre on campus. YNO interviewed Kate Cormie from the International office. UTS is famous for its 2 weeks of Orientation with essential tips for exchange students and parties and get together activities. It is also financially supported by the university. Since they don't have much of a housing system, university volunteers help look for housing for exchange students. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)UNSW is one of Australia's leading international universities. There are over 200,000 alumni living in Australia and 130 other countries around the world providing an outstanding global network. As an alumnus of UNSW they trust that your relationship with the University will continue in a variety of ways by enhancing personal and professional networks, and keeping alumni informed of developments at the University. There are various ways an international student can study at UNSW. The University actively encourages its international undergraduates to spend one semester or one year studying overseas through its Global Student Program and warmly welcomes students from its partner institutions. The UNSW Global Students Program incorporates students' exchange, international placements, as well as inbound and outbound mobility programs. UNSW has nearly 190 exchange partner universities in 32 countries around the world in Canada, Asia, South America, the USA and Europe. Around 500 students per year study overseas in exchanges with approximately the same number of students coming to UNSW from partner universities.Students who have successfully completed at least two years of study towards a degree at an accredited university outside of Australia can apply to study for one or two semesters in the Study Abroad Program. Students can also gain credit at their home institutions. The Study Abroad Office also organizes some short study and summer school programs that run over six weeks in June and July.International Students Services (ISS) provides a range of services and programs to help students succeed in their studies at UNSW and adapt to life in Australia. Regular social and cultural activities are organized to enable international students and their families to mix with Australians and students from other countries. Day trips and short holidays are arranged by ISS to enable students to visit places of interest in Sydney and New South Wales. ISS also sponsors social sports meetings, cultural concerts, and other events. Elena Sinitsyna is in charge of international students who come from Asia and Oceania. According to her, student who want go abroad and study are able to get a lot of information from the international support office. They can get information about social events at their exchange universities or what subjects they are signed up for. Aussie Mates is a kind of buddy program that matches local students and exchange students. To market their exchange program they hold an expo in January. It is useful to those who are interested in exchange programs. Australian Catholic University (ACU)ACU has a unique range of high quality courses, concern for the welfare of individual students, and a choice of campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Ballarat. They host more than 16,000 students from over 85 countries. They also have a strong international focus with partners in Austria, Canada, China, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Korea, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA. ACU National provides comprehensive support services to all students to help them during their time at the university and to ensure their studies are successful. These services include; a Pre-departure guide, Accommodation assistance, Multi-faith chaplaincy and quiet rooms, Counseling, Disability resources office, and a Career and employment service. They also manage Overseas Students Health Coverage (OSHC). The full cost of coverage is paid with the semester's tuition fee. This entitles a student to 85% of the government-scheduled fees for private doctors, pathology, and x-ray costs. According to Kate Reilly-Casali, Study abroad & Exchange Coordinator, ACU has international student advisors on each of their campuses (6 total) to help with finding accommodation and academic support. There are also professional counselors on each campus for more serious problems at any time. North Sydney does not have any housing so exchange students can do a home stay. ACU tries to market their exchange students system to universities overseas by holding exchange fairs on campus in April and May.After all of our research, YNO was able to understand why Australia is famous for students who want to study from all over the world. The universities are good at taking care of foreign students and they respect their individuality. Western students attended Yeungnam University for the first time last year. It is understandable that managing western students was not easy. However, to have a successful exchange program, Yeungnam University should learn from the example being set in Australia and focus on catering to their specific needs and adapting to meet unexpected challenges.

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