No. 292 Letter - Young-Hwa Kim
No. 292 Letter - Young-Hwa Kim
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  • 승인 2007.09.04 19:06
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Young-Hwa Kim
Sophomore, Dept. of English
Actually, I hesitated to write this because I'm quite innocent and I'm not very confident with English. However, because I study English Literature and because I think it would elevate my English-skills, I agreed.
As I hope to get a job connected with English, and as I want to go to America to study English, I would like to see more articles about journeys to America.
I think that the magazine lacks visual materials and I feel that freshmen don't know enough about The Yeungnam Observer. If I had known more about it in my freshman-year, I could have spent the year more usefully.
Of course I am not 'too' concerned about it.

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