Are you managing your own money?
Are you managing your own money?
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Byoung-Jin Bae
Junior, Dept. of English Education


Finance-technology is currently a hot issue throughout South Korea. Some people have already started managing their money with the use of various financial strategies, but many people, especially the younger generation, such as university students, still have not. This is because they do not know how. We are mature enough to support ourselves, so it is critical for us to know how to manage our money effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips for those who are not familiar with Finance-technology.
First, try to introduce the concept of 'the management of money' into your life. A checkbook is recommended as the first step. Many students do not know how much they are spending everyday because, they neither make a plan for consuming nor one for recording their spending. A good checkbook is like a watchdog. Once you get accustomed to it, you will discover how much you are 'blindly' spending, and realize the importance of managing your money.
Second, utilize your school. There are many lectures which provide you with useful information about the economy. After completing the courses, you may gain the capability of seeing and anticipating the current of the economy. You can also gain experience of financial activities through games such as mock stock-investment. Moreover, at YU, we have a great library that has a host of books from which you can get information on finance-technology.
Third, use financial services. Merchant banks and securities companies have useful services like cash-management accounts and accumulator-funds. They also have experts who can advise you on what to invest in. Contact them whenever you have questions, and they will answer you. However, they cannot always ensure a return on your money. Basically, it is you who makes the final decision, so you are required to know the details of these financial products by studying them.
These are a few things you can do as a beginner in the area of finance-technology. If you think that finance-technology comes after you get financial stability, you should think again. Finance-technology is not a means of increasing your money but also for helping you to get prepared for your economic future. Keep this advice in mind, and you will be managing your life better.



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