Illegal parking problem in front of our university
Illegal parking problem in front of our university
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  When I finish my daily work from school, it always gives me great pleasure to leave the campus. However, it doesnt last long, because of the many cars that are parked illegally in front of our school gate.
 I think our university students were likely to experience it once at least. Actually, the roadside is often like a parking lot. I cannot but frown at this scene. Not only is it not good to see, but also it causes serious problems. It creates traffic congestion. In other words, unconscientious drivers behavior is bringing about inconvenience for others.
   Also, illegal parking is dangerous. From time to time buses pass a bus stop without stopping, because people waiting for the buses are lost in these cars. Therefore a lot of students step out to the driveway so that they can catch the bus. This is extremely dangerous due to rushing cars.
   In this way, a drivers selfishness does harm many innocent people. However, I dont know how to solve this phenomenon. Of course, I think, reform of consciousness is most important, but we also need a different approach; Renovation  to the system, strengthening the regulation. In fact, the police should take charge of this case. Provided that our university is concerned about students safety, itll ask the police for stronger regulations with regard to the illegal parking problem. Actually, I believe our university should do it. Finally, I hope the day comes when my belief will be realized.

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