After Read Article of Masstige
After Read Article of Masstige
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   In the article, "TITLE OF ARTICLE" by Authors name, Authors Name emphasizes that the mass or majority of university students going for prestige products such as Bean Pole, Armani Exchange, and Polo. This is because the products are well known worldwide and are not inexpensive. People follow the trend to fit into a group or society. They want to feel good about themselves. Not only clothing, but also restaurants like Outback and the most world-wide known coffee shop Starbucks are prestige places in which people who care about their "outside image go to. Wearing certain brand clothing and going to luxurious places to eat are things that people are do in order to look rich, or perhaps they are rich. Another reason why people do this is because they are with a certain group of people that they want to impress, such as co-workers.
   I think it is important to fit into a group, but in order to do that, money is needed. I think that it is unnecessary for an average person to go to high-class restaurants and wear top brand clothing all the time. I consider myself as neither rich nor poor, and I go to nice restaurants maybe once every 2 weeks or so and I not only buy brand name clothing but also non name product clothing. I do admit that masstige is doing a big part in getting me to follow my age group trend. If there was no such thing as masstige, I really do not think I or anyone else who is not super rich would spend money on such things. But, because the economy is bad, there are many imitations of products such as adidas, polo etc. In my opinion I think it is true that the majority of university students with a fair amount of money buy things that are trendy. They want to go with the flow of their age group society to fit in. But I do not think that it is as important as what is really inside of the person. A person's personality is far more important than what that person is wearing or where that person goes to eat. If I met a really attractive girl wearing brand names products, eating at Outback steak house, I would of course be interested however; I would want to talk to her in order to find out her personality. In a nutshell, following the masstige trend is somewhat important but what matters most is personality.

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