My opinion about the structure reformation of universities
My opinion about the structure reformation of universities
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   I am a senior student in my university. And I will graduate my university next year. When it comes to the new education policy. I really knew that it was a very serious and complicated case. Maybe if you read it, it will make sure that you will totally understand it like me. According to this story, the university's figures are getting smaller and smaller. The universities have a comparatively stronger power than before. And for a more powerful university, the structure of university is necessary. In drawing up a plan about this, instructor, professor and guest must increase their numbers because a university's students have a variety of many effects and receive qualified lectures.
   But These days, these cases are still arguable. Because many ranges in Korea have been affected. Anyway I think we can not decide how to influence in public. However We will prepare and understand the universities' reforms. In addition that I want to say we do not have to neglect it.

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